Jill Levy

About Jill: Jill is the co-owner of SOUND Body & Mind, a certified Yoga instructor, Board Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition counselor and senior staff writer for the #1 ranked natural health website in the world, She has loved dancing from a young age and now considers yoga to be her expression of dance as an adult. Jill first started practicing yoga in high school and grew her interest through college when she’d practice in her dorm room using early yoga YouTube videos. After moving to New York City in her early 20’s, Jill loved being exposed to all types of holistic practices that the city had to offer: every style of yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition, you name it! She completed her yoga teaching training through Three Sister’s Yoga in NYC and studied nutrition and health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Jill has been writing about all things health, fitness and nutrition related for the website for several years, now as the company’s senior staff writer. Recently in 2016, as Jill's interest in mindful meditation really took off, she completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course through the University of Massachusetts. 

Hometown: Huntington, NY

What to expect in your class: classes that are soothing, fun and very down to earth. My favorite poses are all types of back bends, especially wheel pose.

Currently listening to: I LOVE Tara Brach’s meditation podcast, Tim Ferris’s podcast, and all types of indie rock or yoga tunes on Spotify.

What you’re grateful for: getting to work with my husband, having a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time outside every day, and getting to meet and connect with new people every week.

Random fact:  I am diligent about meditating everyday, most days doing 1-2 meditations in “savasana” pose for 15-20 minutes at a time. I also try to go for a walk outside 365 days of the year, including in the freezing cold, blistering heat, rain and snow!

Adam Levy

About Adam: Adam is the co-owner of SOUND Body & Mind, a certified Yoga instructor, and ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor. Adam’s passion for fitness began at the age of 12 when his dad would sneak him into the gym for their father-son workouts. He spent most of his professional career working a corporate job in Manhattan and over time he realized he needed a major life change. Driven by his desire to lead a more fulfilling life and make a positive impact on others and the community, Adam focused years of work on turning his passion for fitness and teaching into a career. Adam worked with some of the best trainers in NYC and completed multiple fitness certifications while still working at his former job. In the meantime, Adam’s wife Jill had been working as a health writer, yoga instructor and nutritionist. It became their dream to open a yoga and fitness studio together, and in late 2016 Adam and Jill opened SOUND in Huntington where they were born and raised.

Hometown: Huntington, NY

What to expect in your class: to be challenged and motivated to push yourself past your perceived limits. You can also expect a wide-range of music that will inspire you to work harder and get into a mental zone.

Currently listening to: Bob Marley, Kaleo, Hozier, Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison

What you're grateful for: Jill, my health, my family, my friends, a good slice of pizza and the opportunity to meet new people every day at our studio

Random fact: I was a black belt in Jiu Jitsu when I was 13 years old

Lianna Halko

About Lianna: Lianna is a 300 HR-RYT with a concentration in Vinyasa, receiving her certification from Always at Aum in Babylon. She was introduced to her first yoga class during high school, where she practiced sporadically for a few years until she began to crave it as part of her daily routine. Lianna has always felt a strong passion for learning new things; in turn, adopting the mindset of yoga as a lifelong growth and learning experience has been one of the most attractive and fulfilling ideals of her personal practice. She hopes the happiness and growth she feels each time she steps onto the mat will resonate and spread like wildfire among her very own students each time they attend her classes.

Hometown: Babylon Village

What to expect in your class: A strengthening flow both physically and mentally, opportunities to practice challenging postures & new variations in a lighthearted and very fun way, and encouragement to try new things on and off the mat by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Currently listening to: A documentary on tornadoes and the delicate purring of my 1-year old fur child sleeping on my feet.

What you're grateful for: The special relationships in my life, finding yoga & being able to immerse myself in it every day, adventures, scary movies & snacks.

Random fact: I had the opportunity to stand side stage at a giant arena in Tokyo in front of thousands of people while watching my boyfriend shred guitar to screaming fans!

What Lianna teaches at SOUND: Slow Flow Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Flow Yoga

Bari Caspi

About Bari: Bari believes yoga helps one live a loving, peaceful life. After practicing for 25+ years and earning her 500 hour RYT, Bari knows this to be true. Yoga philosophy has given Bari enormous strength and perspective to overcome, rise above, and shine bright through all of life’s crazy rides. She considers herself a student always and simply shares what she has learned and lived with students who attend her classes. After living in NYC for many years working as a social worker, Bari made the move to Long Island where she lives with her husband of 18 years, her two incredible sons and two labs, Chunky and Lollypop. Life is beautiful,(even when it sucks). Wishing all beings freedom and an abundance of love. See you on your mat! 

Hometown: NYC

What to expect in your class: In my class you can expect to begin with a short guided breath meditation and time to feel centered. This class will offer traditional and variations of sun salutations, Vinyasa sequences , core work, and balancing poses. Nothing too advanced, but a gentle push.  All set to soulful music and a slower movement pace. Modifications will always be instructed and an opportunity to explore. You can also expect to hear yoga philosophy from traditional yoga text as well as good old human experiences we can all relate to and connect to in the yoga practice.

Currently listening to: Everything! Grateful Dead, Krishna Das, Drake, Hootie and the Blowfish, Ariana Grande, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Counting Crows, The Hanumen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trevor Hall, Fleetwood Mac, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani...anything that makes me feel, dance or flow!

What you're grateful for: I am forever grateful for the family I created. My husband, my children, my dogs, the handful of people near and dear to my heart and the gifts and magic of yoga.

Random fact: I began practicing yoga over 25 years ago while rollerblading downtown NYC where I stumbled upon Jivamukti and began the process of awakening through the practice. I love being connected to people seeking and living a spiritual life and truly love sharing through yoga. Dancing, laughing, beach, dogs, cooking, family, and rich conversations are my vibe. 

What Bari teaches at SOUND: Slow Flow Yoga, Flow Yoga, Meditation & Slow Flow, Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Lauren Pluchino

About Lauren: Lauren is a former dancer with 18 years of training and competition under her belt. She started practicing yoga in 2005 while she was living in Manhattan. Lauren was looking for a way to stay in shape while also finding an escape from the high-paced city life. From her first class, she was hooked and knew she would be an instructor one day. Lauren completed her RYT-200 training in 2010 at Kusala Yoga in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and started teaching part-time while also working at her fashion industry job almost immediately. Lauren has two daughters and is also a certified Pilates and Barre instructor.

Hometown: Northport, NY

What to expect in your class: a playful and sometimes challenging flow with emphasis on proper alignment techniques to help avoid injury and get the most benefits from the practice set to fun and inspiring playlists. 

Currently listening to: political podcasts, but also really into early music from the 90's at the moment

What you're grateful for: my health, my family and the heated seats in my truck

Random fact: I went to FIT and worked in fashion for 12 years before becoming a full-time yoga & fitness instructor 

What Lauren teaches at SOUND: Heated Flow Yoga, Core Flow Yoga

Lisa Muchnik

About Lisa: Lisa initially started practicing yoga to enhance her fitness routine, but before long, yoga became more than just a practice on the mat.  It is a lifestyle that brings joy, peace, and fulfillment to Lisa’s life.  Lisa completed her training at the White Lotus Yoga Foundation in Santa Barbara, California alongside her husband, making it an extra special experience. Lisa later discovered Antigravity Yoga and immediately fell in love. Teaching Antigravity has truly become her passion, and she feels blessed to be able to share her love and knowledge of Antigravity Yoga with her students.  Lisa is also Therapeutic Yoga certified, Reiki certified, a belly dancer/belly dance instructor, and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Hometown: Plainview, NY

What to expect in your class: an invigorating, fun, and creative flow

Currently listening to: Gin Wigmore, Austin Basham, Pain of Salvation, Beats Antique

What you're grateful for: My family, health, love, nature

Random fact: I play the harp 

What Lisa teaches at SOUND: AntiGravity Aerial Yoga (Adults, Teens & Kids)

Jenna Mannino

About Jenna: As someone who has always been interested in fitness, Jenna initially approached yoga as a means of physical exercise. She found Vinyasa yoga to be a unique way to strengthen the entire body and added it to her daily routine. It was not long before she discovered the deeper benefits of yoga, and realized the journey she had unknowingly embarked on.

Within her first year of practicing, Jenna decided to deepen her own practice by taking her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Breathe N Flow in 2014 under the guidance of Leah Hartofelis. It was in this training that she found her voice. Upon graduating from YTT she realized that in order to be a better teacher, she needed to always remain a student first. In 2015 Jenna received her Reiki Level 1 Attunement under the guidance of Diane Bergmann, and in 2016 her Yin Yoga certification with Corina Benner. In 2018 Jenna completed her Karma YTT with United We Om, Trauma Informed YTT with Jafar Alexander, and is currently working toward her 100hr advanced YTT with Bec Gathmann-Landini. In 2018, Jenna led her own Yoga Wheel YTT at Breathe N Flow Yoga.

Specializing in Vinyasa, Yin, and wheel yoga, Jenna's most favored teaching style is a fast paced flow focusing on strength and flexibility with options for advanced postures. In Jenna’s classes, students will work up a sweat, build core strength, and explore more challenging asana and transitions. Her focus is to take students outside of their comfort zones to a place where growth and transformation are possible. All of Jenna's classes are suitable for all levels, as modifications and variations are given for everyone.

Hometown: East Meadow, NY

What to expect in your class: To build heat through powerful movements, stepping outside of comfort zones and tapping into your true potential

Currently listening to:  Chelsea Wolfe

What you're grateful for: The awareness and insight that yoga has brought me, shedding light on my own behavioral patterns so that I can transform them

Random fact: I’m terrified of bugs!

What Thea teaches at SOUND: Flow Yoga

Kaitlyn Pawlukojc

About Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn began her yoga journey 15 years ago, attending classes with her mom at the YMCA. There she learned to stand and to breathe, that beauty is not about body image but about consciousness of movement and that rest is the best part of the day.

Kaitlyn committed to her yoga practice while in Tanzania as a Peace Corps Volunteer, when all she had were her inner fears and strengths to guide her through the day.  She would practice asana in the morning before joining the community, in the heat of mid-day as everyone rested, or by candlelight filling the early evening hours. Kaitlyn found her center, the place where she knows she is loved and from which she can begin to share that love.

Kaitlyn received her 200 hour teacher training at the Funky Om, officially launching her into the world to joyfully share the gifts yoga provides each and every one of us, meeting us exactly where we are on and off our mats.  Let us inhabit the silence within, bringing peace and freedom to our daily lives.

Hometown: Huntington, NY

What to expect in your class: An atmosphere of acceptance, a chance to gaze within, and the opportunity to release and relax.

Currently listening to: Birds chirping, wind in the trees, folks around me, and my inner stillness.

What you're grateful for: My partner who wholeheartedly supports my journey, a home cooked meal shared with good friends, daily walks (morning or evening), time to reflect.

Random fact: I work on at Orkestai Farm at the Planting Fields in Oyster Bay, supporting young adults with Autism

What Kaitlyn teaches at SOUND: Restorative Yoga

Danny Warrick

About Danny: Danny Warrick is a 500 hour RYT, a licensed massage therapist, and a musician who is passionate about holistic lifestyles, healthy movement, and community. He is very grateful to have found yoga and meditation, which keeps him centered, healthy, happy and connected. Sharing this practice with others brings him great joy and fulfillment. Danny is a forever student, continuously learning more about yoga, and wellness which includes topics such as tai chi, bioenergetics, meditation and more. He believes that we all have the ability to self-actualize into the best version of ourselves, healthy, vibrant and excited for life. Yoga has been monumental on his journey of growth, and he is honored to guide others on this path.

Hometown: Kings Park, NY

What to expect in your class: Danny loves to focus on core work, breath, sun salutations, and vinyasas to strengthen and tire the body. This primes the body for nice long stretches towards the end of class and quiets the mind for a restful savasana. He educates on anatomy so that you can move safely, improve your relationship with your body and become more empowered. He loves to incorporate some tai chi and energy work because they have the same goals as yoga: to unite the body, mind, and spirit, to build up prana (life force energy) and to grow. He also loves to encourage vocal expression because it is so healing and connected to truly releasing stagnation. There is often short guided meditations to help you connect and relax in class.

Currently listening to: Harry Potter audiobook, reggae music, podcasts, Frank Sinatra, and all varieties of music.

What you’re grateful for: Learning to love myself and honor my uniqueness. With that I am grateful for the opportunity to encourage others to do the same. I am also grateful for my amazing partner who is an endless source of love, support, inspiration, and fun.

Random fact: I have rescued two pit bulls who have truly rescued me. I consider them my kids and love them more than words can say.

What Danny teaches at SOUND: Flow Yoga, Flow Yoga & Meditation

Breanna Coven

About Breanna:  Breanna was first introduced to yoga about thirteen years ago in High School as a replacement for the normal gym class. She was immediately drawn into its ability to transform her mind and make her inflexible body able to stretch and bend in ways she never had before. After years of gradually falling in love with the practice, Breanna received her training from Always At Aum Yoga School in Babylon specializing in Vinyasa Yoga. With a fun and lighthearted approach, Breanna likes to guide her clients through their own personal yoga practice. Each person’s body is unique and different and she makes sure to provide the proper modifications with respect to the individual. Breanna loves to see her clients grow and develop in their practice, and get satisfaction at witnessing the peace and calm it brings into their lives after each session. Breanna also has special training in Restorative Yoga, Chair Yoga and certificates in Hot Yoga and Reiki Healing. 

Hometown: Kings Park

What to expect in your class: Fun flows with funky sequences. Core strengthening poses and uplifting music. At least one inversion, and arm balance to challenge you. I love switching up my class sequences to keep it engaging and interesting. 

Currently listening to: The sound of my dog snoring and my diffuser pumping out the delicious and invigorating scents of Grapefruit and Lime.

What you're grateful for: My best friend and husband Dorian, whose helping hand and guidance inspires me each and every day. My family, friends and sister. My dog, Elsie. My health. The ability to help others through my teachings and do what I absolutely love each day as my job. 

Random fact: Before becoming a yoga instructor, I was a dog groomer. I love animals!

What Breanna teaches at SOUND: Slow Flow Yoga, Flow Yoga

Lauren Director

About Lauren:  Lauren’s intention and experience lies in her ability to lead students on a healing journey of mind, body, soul. She recognizes a light and “sameness” within each of us, one that is connected to divine consciousness. I practice yoga to harmonize and strengthen my body to be of service from that source. Lauren continues to learn and go deeper into her own practice, with a strong interest in subtle-body work and meditation. She is enrolled in an ongoing Kundalini Yoga Therapy program with Guru Dharam out of Sea Cliff manor on Long Island. Lauren received her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification under the guidance of Leah Hartofelis at Breathe N Flow Yoga, and is grateful to have studied with great teachers: Kenny Frisby and Sheri Celentano, Laughing Lotus, Leslie Howard, Pelvic Floor Health, Guru Dharam and Siri Sat Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Therapy. She considers, however, the journey through breath and movement to be her greatest teacher of all.

Hometown: Merrick, NY

What to expect in your class: spiritually evoking theme coupled with creative movement & shapes, a fun playlist with opportunity for quiet, reflective moments to align with self.

Currently listening to: I’m LOVING Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast! A few artists I like are; Hozier, Maggie Rodgers, Dermot Kennedy, Jane Winther, Xavier Rudd.

What you're grateful for: Breath and body connection and the ability to share that with others.

Random fact: I love to connect with nature and practice writing poetry.

What Lauren teaches at SOUND: Flow Yoga